Released on April 2008

Blissful Manslaughter CD


  1. Harvesting My Flesh (03:26)
  2. Faggot Killer (03:00)
  3. Pieces Of Her (03:09)
  4. Collection Of Headless Children (03:49)
  5. Black Mass Ceremony (04:13)
  6. Infant Devourer (03:45)
  7. Skinning Chambers (03:33)

Line up

  • Chris “Morgue”- Vox (founding member)
  • Jo Doe “Blood Junkie XL” – Guitars ( founding member)
  • Kostas “Maggot” – Guitars
  • Marios “Vomit” – Bass
  • Kiriakos “Pyon” – Drums




“Mainly influenced by the last decade’s US sound, Necrorgasm offer us a blood-soaked, gory album…Believe me, you will be astonished when you hear the album, totally professionals and death metallers to the bone!”

Panagiotis FountoukidisMetal Hammer (Gr)

“…με τα πολλά φτάσαμε στο 2008 στο τέλος του οποίου μας χαρίζουν το “blissful manslaughter”, ένας δίσκος τον οποίο καλά θα κάνουν κάποιοι να τον θυμούνται γιατί είναι από τις σπάνιες περιπτώσεις που η ελλάδα βγάζει ενα αξιόλογο death metal δίσκο…”

Blind MaggotGreek Metal Reviews

“Built upon a rigid death metal framework and boasting roots deeply ensconced within the foundations of an earlier form of the genre, Necrorgasm’s debut album Blissful Manslaughter embodies all the greatest qualities of the death metal genre, delivered in an uncomplicated package…this band undoubtedly know what they’re doing when it comes to creating effective, reminiscent death metal without compromising by injecting their sound with any other elements.”

ScuroFantasmaSputnik Music