Released on December 2011

Repulsive Deeds Of Sodomy – 4 way Split CD


  1. She Bled Like A Pig (02:31)
  2. Devour The Dead (02:08)
  3. Disciples Of Dead Flesh (03:04)
  4. Plaguelands (03:03)
  5. Brutally Disfigured (02:40)

Line up

  • Marios – Vox
  • Jo Doe – Guitars
  • Savvas – Bass
  • Kwstass – Drums




“Look at Necrorgasm as a sort of much less technical version of Dying Fetus–they have slams and groovy passages, hair-raising pinch harmonic squeals and mini sweeps that just kick ass, they really do. Perfect production, fine vocals and just overall brutal. I can’t say much else about these songs, other than death metal and hardcore mix so well when done right. Great stuff.”

PoisonfumeEnyclopaedia Metallum

“Possible cannibals, but these carnally obsessed lads certainly know what they are doing, and have really carved out a nice blend of revolting death metal.”

Grind To Death - blog